Los Angeles Employment Law Attorneys Discuss Wrongful Termination Claim

A police officer in Georgia was fired for comments he made on his personal Facebook page, and now he accusing the City of Sandusky Spring of wrongful termination. Former officer Orlando Concepcion claims the real reason he was fired was because he reported misconduct by his white colleagues.

The city acknowledges it terminated Concepcion because of his comments on the Facebook page in 2009, but it claims the termination had nothing to do with race or his reporting misconduct. Concepcion had posted sarcastic comments regarding an FBI investigation.

“I feel like the department’s digging into my personal life,” Concepcion told WSBTV News in Georgia.

Concepcion claims that other Caucasian officers posted similar content to Facebook without punishment.

Do you think employers have a right to terminate employees for comments they post on the internet? Is Concepcion’s circumstance different because he is a civil servant?

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