Los Angeles Firefighter Receives $1.1 Million in Discrimination Suit

A jury awarded a black Los Angeles firefighter $1.1 million for a discrimination lawsuit that claimed he was treated unfairly based on his race during his almost three-decade career. Jabari Jumaane claimed that he suffered discrimination, harassment and retaliation during his career with the Los Angeles Fire Department, including being exposed to racial slurs and jokes, supervisors falsifying performance evaluations and reprimands based on false accusations.

After a seven-week trial and 16 days of deliberations, jurors found in favor of Jumaane this month. In 2007, a different jury ruled against Jumaane, but an appeals court found that there was evidence of jury misconduct, so the verdict was tossed out.

The Los Angeles Fire Department has come under fire for similar suits, including a 2006 incident in which another black firefighter sued for discrimination after co-workers put dog food in his dinner during a firehouse meal.

Jumaane was not surprised that the jury ruled in his favor and claims that the evidence “beckoned for the verdict they found.”

Discrimination based on race is illegal based upon Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The act applies to all employers with fifteen or more employees and those who work for smaller employers are usually protected by similar state laws. Racial discrimination can occur at any stage of employment, including the application process, promotions, layoffs or job assignments.

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Did You Know: According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Title VII prohibits both intentional discrimination and neutral policies that exclude certain minorities.

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