Los Angeles Gardener Wins Racial Discrimination Appeal

The City of Los Angeles may have to pay a former park groundskeeper more than $4 million in damages after an appeals court affirmed a verdict for a racial discrimination lawsuit. equal opportunity

According to the Associated Press, James Duffy, a disabled white gardener, filed a lawsuit against the city after his Latino supervisor harassed him and assigned him to “inferior jobs.” The supervisor also allegedly told him he hated white people.

During his initial trial, three other park workers testified that the supervisor was biased against white workers. However, after a jury awarded Duffy $4 million in damages, the city appealed the verdict, saying he forfeited his right to file a lawsuit after he entered into an early retirement agreement.

The city can now appeal the verdict to the state Supreme Court—it has until August to make a request for the court to review the judgment.

How Can an Attorney Help Me if I am Subjected to Racial Harassment at Work?

Instances of racial harassment can include intimidation, jokes and insults that are directed towards a person of ANY race or color. If you experienced racial harassment on the job, speak to our Los Angeles discrimination lawyers about your legal rights.

As this case shows, you may be able to seek damages for your suffering. You should not have to face continued harassment at work because of the color of your skin and/or your race. Make sure that your case is investigated and that your employer is held liable, if it promotes a hostile work environment.

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