Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorneys Agree with Ohio Judge’s Decision to Overturn 2007 Ruling

A judge in Ohio recently overturned a ruling in favor of FedEx in a sexual harassment lawsuit, according to HumanReseourcesJournal.com. In January 2007, a manager at a FedEx call center in Ohio stumbled upon inappropriate sexual messages that another supervisor had sent to four women working at the call center. The supervisor who sent the messages was only given a warning, and management never interviewed any of the women to get their account of events. The same manager had been accused of sexual harassment at FedEx in 1998.

One of the women who received a sexually explicit message was moved to a new department later in 2007 with a female supervisor. She mentioned the messages to her new supervisor. The supervisor encouraged her, and the other victims, to raise their concerns. The women complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which discovered the manager forced one of the women into a sexual relationship, and threatened all four women with termination if they reported the conduct.

The EEOC filed the sexual harassment lawsuit, but a district court ruled in favor of FedEx. A judge recently overturned the decision.

The inaction by FedEx here is appalling. Why would they only get one side of the story and not even reach out to the victims? Contact our firm for a free consultation if you have experienced any form of harassment in the workplace.

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