Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorneys Disgusted at Allegations Against Burger King Locations

Carrols Restaurant Group, the parent company that owns over 500 Burger King chain restaurants, has agreed to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit for $2.5 million. The claim was filed after 89 women claimed they were sexually harassed while working at Burger King locations all across the United States. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) assisted in filing the lawsuit, which includes allegations of misconduct dating back 15 years. Many of the plaintiffs were teenagers at the time of the harassment.

According to the lawsuit, the women were subject to obscene language and gestures, propositions, groping, stalking and even rape. Carlos Restaurant Group has agreed to take measures to prevent future sexual harassment at its restaurants.

“Although employers may have adequate anti-harassment policies on paper, they are of little value when employers fail to take positive steps to prevent or remedy harassment,” said EEOC attorney David Lopez.

Lopez is right—actions speak louder than words, this seems to be a management problem more than a problem with the corporate policy. This kind of widespread and violent harassment has no place in our society. Please contact our firm for a free consultation if you have experienced harassment in the workplace.

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