Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorneys Share Study on Teenage Workers

A recent study from Illinois State University revealed some disturbing findings—teenagers are more likely to be victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Researchers claim that their study of 116 teenagers revealed that 54 percent of females and 37 percent of males has been sexually harassed on the job in a two year span.

“We suspect that adolescents may be targeted more frequently than adults given their low status and power in the workplace,” says Kimberly Schneider, the lead author of the study. “They may also be less comfortable reporting the harassing behavior or they may be unsure about the reporting procedures in their organizations.”

This report is extremely disturbing, as research has shown the detrimental long-term effects of sexual harassment, particularly on young girls. Employers that have a young work force should ensure that they educate employees about what is acceptable and unacceptable conduct in the workplace. Parents of teenage workers should try and be as involved as possible in their child’s work life—ask questions about their day, let them know what is appropriate and professional behavior and what is not.

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