Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers Condemn North Carolina Sherriff’s Office Inaction

A former deputy of the Catawba County Sheriff’s Department in North Carolina has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the county and its lieutenant, according to the Charlotte Observer. Stacy Minor claims she was sexually harassed by the lieutenant and when she complained to the sheriff, she was terminated. She filed the lawsuit in a federal court in North Carolina with the assistance of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Minor approached Sheriff Coy Reid about the harassment she endured at the hands of one of the lieutenants, only to be assigned a shift in the same work setting as the lieutenant she accused. Minor’s lawsuit cited 12 specific instances of misconduct, ranging from comments about her breasts to expressing his desire to “handcuff her to a chair because she would like it.” Minor, a single mother, did not report the incidents for a long time out of fear of losing her job.

Of course Minor feared for her job—supervisors took no action after her first complaint, what was she supposed to think? When Minor was asked if she could continue to work with the lieutenant she said, “No, I do not feel safe with him,” according to the lawsuit. The sheriff’s office has an obligation to temporarily, at the very least, separate Minor from the accused until an investigation is completed.

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