Los Angeles Whistleblower Protection Attorneys Examine Retaliation Statistics

Workplace retaliation is a vague term that encompasses a variety of aspects. If an employee reports any illegal, dangerous or unethical conduct or activity, federal whistleblower protection laws shield them from “retaliation” from their employer. This means that you cannot be terminated, demoted, have your hours cut or face harassment from the company or management.

Sometimes when an employee sheds light on conduct, employers will not retaliate in any form—possibly out of fear of a lawsuit. However, there are other ways that a whistleblower may feel pressure or hostility. Here are some interesting statistics from the Ethics Resource Center about whistleblowers and workplace retaliation:

  • 64 percent of whistleblowers reported feeling “left out” of important meetings and activities after they filed a report
  • 62 percent claimed that other workers, not supervisors, treated them differently or were no longer friendly
  • 62 percent reported that managers or supervisors verbally abused them after they made their allegation
  • 56 percent indicated they felt they were close to losing their job
  • 55 percent claimed they were passed over for a raise or promotion following their complaint
  • 46 percent claim their hours or pay were reduced
  • 44 percent responded that they were relocated or reassigned

Workplace retaliation is illegal, even if it may be subtle. Visit our site for more information on employment law and contact our firm for a free consultation if you have had similar experiences to the respondents of these surveys.

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