Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorneys Alarmed at Allegations Against Costco

A former pharmacy technician for retail giant Costco has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer, according to KABC-TV. Shad Thomas worked in the pharmacy at a Costco location in Irvine for over seven years and claims he was terminated after he reported some questionable prescriptions from doctors to the police. Thomas’ lawsuit alleges that managers at the pharmacy dispensed “excessive narcotic prescriptions to addicted customers…to protect its profits.”

Thomas reported several doctors involved in the illegal practice, including Dr. Vu Lee who is in prison. Several others Thomas reported have also been charged.

“I like to believe that I did the right thing, and I did it early on,” Thomas said. “It was only a small percentage of doctors, but everyone who worked in that pharmacy knew the ones that were dirty.”

One patient was prescribed over 7,000 oxycodone pills in a single year. This particular patient once showed up at the pharmacy at least 10 days early to refill his script, and was obviously intoxicated. Another pharmacist at the Costco, Huong Nguyen, called the DEA and reported the incident.

“Right away, everybody in the pharmacy noticed that he was under the influence of something,” says Thomas. “It was so bad that the two pharmacists that were on duty refused to fill his prescription. She [Nguyen] was issued a written reprimand.”

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