Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorneys Look at Houston Lawsuit

A woman in Houston has filed a wrongful termination suit against Crown Castle USA Inc. and Crown Castle International Corp. claiming she was fired after filing complaints about sexual harassment and discrimination, according to the Southeast Texas Record. Melba K. Herrera began working at Crown Castle in 2007 and was promoted to a land acquisition manager position three years later while continuing to perform her duties in her previous role.

Herrera claims she was not paid as much as her male counterparts in the same department. She filed official complaints to the human resources department in November of 2010 and then again in June of 2011 with no results. The lawsuit also claims that Herrera’s supervisor would call her at home on multiple occasions soliciting a sexual relationship, which she declined.

Herrera was terminated on May 7, 2011 for poor job performance. She is asking for back pay as well as damages.

It seems as if there may be some systematic problems in the process for reporting misconduct at Crown Castle. Please contact our firm for a free consultation if you do not know how to report harassment in the workplace.

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