Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorneys Remind Readers of Importance of Written Records

Ricky Garcia, a former mechanic and maintenance manager for Western Waste Services in Twin Falls, Idaho, has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company. Garcia is seeking damages for unpaid overtime, according to MagicValley.com.

Garcia began working at Western Waste Services in 2007 and was eventually promoted to a management position. Garcia claims he was put on salary and would see his pay decrease when he worked fewer than 40 hours a week, but it would not increase when he worked over 40 hours in a week. Western Waste Services claims that Garcia took off more time than was allotted for work and was often “unproductive.”

There seems to be conflicting stories here, and Garcia may have a difficult time providing evidence for his case. This is why it is important to keep written records and consult with an attorney when problems arise.

Tip of the day: Record all correspondence with HR and management and save all emails and messages for future reference.

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