Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorneys Report Michigan Settlement

The city of Owosso, Michigan, has agreed to settle a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by a former police officer for $125,000, according to sources. Officer Kevin Pettigrew filed the suit after he claimed in 2009 he was terminated for arresting city council member Michael Cline for drinking and driving.

Pettigrew’s attorney, Glen Lenhoff, argued that Cline was a close friend of then-Owosso public safety director Michael Campeau. Pettigrew was terminated in 2010 after serving on the force for ten years. Owosso cited that the reason for the termination was that Pettigrew disclosed sensitive information from the Michigan Law Enforcement Network. Lenhoff claimed that the stated reason was a red herring and the real reason was the DUI arrest in 2009.

“Kevin Pettigrew is a fine police officer,” Lenhoff said. “He should have never been fired. We hope this lawsuit encouraged police officers to continue their excellent work in upholding the law of Michigan municipalities.”

There must have been solid evidence of a wrongful termination, otherwise the city would not have agreed to settle. Contact our firm for a free consultation if you have been unjustly terminated.

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