Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Lawyers Show How Difficult It Can Be To File A Lawsuit

Colusa County in California has agreed to settle a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by former Colusa County Behavioral Health Director Curtis Boewer, according to the Colusa Sun Herald. The two parties agreed to mediation and details of the case remain confidential in accordance with the settlement. All other claims, including a worker’s compensation claim filed by Boewer, were dropped as part of the settlement, which awarded the plaintiff $370,000.

The county noted that they believe the claim to be without cause, but the settlement costs were less than the legal costs to contest the claim.

“The suit was evaluated and determined to be without merit,” read a statement released by the county. “However, following initial victories by the county at the pleading stage, it became apparent to the Board of Supervisors that defending the case to victory would be inordinately expensive both in terms of dollars and cents and the potential effects on the morale of the county overall and employees in particular.”

It is fortunate for Boewer that he persisted with his lawsuit even when it was difficult. It is not easy to win these types of lawsuits, particularly when the defendant has more money and legal resources than the plaintiff does. Please contact our firm for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been terminated without just cause.

Tip of the day: Consult with an attorney before meeting with management or HR if you have filed a complaint or grievance after being terminated.

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  1. Lia Bruno, Ph.D, LMFT Lia Bruno, Ph.D, LMFT says:

    Thank you for reviewing Mr. Boewer’s case. You are right! It was extremely difficult, not made any easier by underhanded and unethical tactics by Colusa County every step of the way. A true triumph for Mr. Boewer and his supporters… and there were many who remained silent for fear of retaliation by the County. It was almost impossible to find an attorney to take on a governmental entity- so glad you are available for citizens in need of representation.