Do You Need Legal Help from Labor Union Lawyers?

Let Our Los Angeles Labor and Employment Attorneys Resolve Union Issues

When an issue arises that requires the expertise of a qualified labor law attorney, you can be sure that when you turn to the Law Offices of Kesluk, Silverstein & Jacob for assistance, we will handle your case with the utmost care and confidence. The Los Angeles employment lawyers at our law firm possess decades of combined experience navigating the often complex ins and outs of federal and state employment regulations in order to help clients achieve the best possible results in their particular legal matter. We can even be of assistance if you are in need of labor union lawyers.

Can I Sue a Labor Union? Ask a Lawyer About Your Employment Law Rights

Having someone who is knowledgeable of the employment laws regulating union management relations is all but essential for employers that hire such workers and also for employees. If you are an employer, then we can act to ensure that your organization observes practices required by federal law. We will represent those who feel that their employer or union organization is not following state and federal regulations. In addition, we can act as the immigration and labor law attorney for immigrant workers who need legal assitance.

If your workplace rights are being violated, then we may be able to help you resolve your problem. We devote all necessary resources to meeting the unique needs of each client. We will also attempt to lessen as many difficulties that any possible legal actions we take may cause.

How Labor Union Lawyers Can Help Workers

Unlike other labor and employment law firms, we will create the most efficient and cost effective legal strategy. Our goal is to come up with an equitable solution for your workplace problems. However, when this does not work, we remain committed to fighting hard to protect your legal rights and interests, even if this means going to court against other employment attorneys from other labor and employment law firms. Please contact our Los Angeles labor union lawyers now to set up your free attorney consultation.