Louisville Woman Sues for Wrongful Termination After Complaint Over Priest

A Louisville woman and her husband are suing the Archdiocese of Louisville alleging wrongful termination. Margie Weiter worked as a bookkeeper for the St. Therese Catholic Church and her husband was a longtime parishioner.

Weiter claims a priest accused of sexual abuse and improper behavior with children secretly moved to St. Therese in 2009. The move came after allegations of abusing a teenager became known. James Schook mingled with their church population and was present around children without supervision. Weiter’s superiors instructed that the information remain private and not to disclose that the priest resided at St. Therese.

Weiter claims she was uncomfortable by the priest’s morning office since her husband was an abuse victim. Gary Weiter settled with the archdiocese in 2003 over childhood abuse claims. According to Weiter, it was inappropriate to have a priest accused of sexual abuse near the couple or any other member of the community who had suffered through such an experience.

In Weiter’s lawsuit, she claims wrongful termination came because of her complaints about Schook’s presence in the church. The attorney for the couple claims they have suffered further public damage in the community since going public with their case. The archdiocese’s rebuttal is that the bookkeeper’s firing came due to staff reduction.