Lt. Tim Runyon Settles Lawsuit Against City of Concord

According to San Francisco Gate, a former Concord police lieutenant is set to receive more than $47,000 in an employment-related lawsuit. Lt. Tim. Runyon sued the city of Concord saying he had been retaliated against for standing up for female law enforcement officers who had filed sexual harassment lawsuits against the department.

Runyon claimed in his filing that the department isolated and denigrated him, both professionally and personally, for standing up for female police officers. Runyon, a 24-year-veteran, had an argument with the police chief David Livingston. Allegedly, Livingston transferred Runyon to a less desirable position. Runyon received a promotion after writing a letter of complaint to the city manager.

Runyon alleged that a captain forced a female officer to file a false sexual harassment accusation against him, which started an internal investigation. The police officer alleged that Runyon made inappropriate sexual comments to her.

The Concord City Council agreed to settle Runyon’s lawsuit for more than $47,000, as well as a worker’s compensations claim at an undisclosed amount.

In 1999, Lt. Robin Heinemann, the highest-ranking woman in the Concord department, and other women who were current or former officers, won a $1.25 million settlement against the department in another sexual-discrimination lawsuit. Several months ago, another former Concord police officer settled her sexual harassment lawsuit for $750,000 when she alleged that a supervisor sent inappropriate messages to her police-cruiser computer.