Male Police Officer Files a Sexual Harassment Claim Against Male Boss

According to the NY Daily News, a New York Police Department sergeant has filed a sexual harassment complaint against his male boss. Sexual harassment in the work place can happen to males and females, and it does not matter if the person being harassed is a man or a woman, or if both the harasser and victim are of the same sex.

Sergeant Nelson Fernandez, a nine-year veteran with the department, filed a complaint alleging he is being sexually harassed and is fed up with the unwanted advances from Transit District No. 4 commander Deputy Inspector Thomas Connolly. Fernandez, who has filed a formal complaint with the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, said the most bizarre advance took place when the boss lounged back in his chair and started sucking on a pen in a sexual manner. Fernandez said such incidents would occur and the boss would stare at his privates and smile. Fernandez also claimed that the boss would compliment his hair and sexy look, and that he was inappropriately touching him during train patrols.

Fernandez said in his filing that his boss hit on him six times in the past year, despite his efforts to ignore it.

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