Male Sexual Harassment is No Joke

It may not be on the forefront of public discussion, but males are also victims of sexual harassment in the workplace just like females, and it needs to be taken seriously. In 2008, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a sexual harassment suit against the Cheesecake Factory after six employees were fondled, groped and dragged into a freezer where a “simulated rape” occurred. The restaurant chain settled the case by paying the employees $340,000, as this video points out.

“While some people may think sexual harassment of male employees is a joke, the issue is real,” said EEOC spokesperson David Grinberg. “We are seeing more of it, and such conduct has serious legal consequences for employers.”

Men are sexually harassed by females, but the recent increase in the trend is due to males harassing other males, according to the EEOC. It is difficult to track exact numbers, because reports do not always disclose the gender of the persons harassing victims, but the EEOC acknowledges it is a growing statistic.

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