Man Sues Former Employer for Demeaning Work and Wrongful Termination

According to The West Virginia Record, a former employee has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against AC&S Inc. alleging that he was forced to do demeaning work. J.D. Pauley has also included Robert D. Cantrell, the president and owner of the company, and Dean Cordle, the executive vice president as the defendants in the lawsuit. Pauley claims he started working for AC&S in 1999 as a maintenance supervisor and was promoted to special project manager during his employment.

Pauley claims in 2006 he began reporting to Cantrell’s home and completed various tasks while being paid as an employee of AC&S. Around the same time, Cantrell received a MRSA diagnosis and then relapsed later on in 2010, according to the suit. Pauley claims from the relapse until September 30, 2010, that he was forced to do humiliating work in order to essentially serve Cantrell.

Pauley stated through his wrongful termination attorney that he was forced to do chores and was required to assist Cantrell in coping with the restrictions placed on his health. Some of the requirements exposed Pauley to fecal matter, urine and bodily discharges, while he was not provided training for or proper safety equipment. Pauley complained to Cordle about working conditions and that is when he was wrongfully terminated from employment. AC&S refused to pay money owed to him as part of his profit sharing plan after termination. Pauley’s wrongful termination lawyer has filed a complaint seeking compensatory damages.