Man Sues Home Depot in Orange County Court for Discrimination, Sexual Harassment

A man has sued Home Depot for sexual harassment and discrimination after being terminated, claiming the store targeted gay male workers to cut costs after the financial crisis in 2008. Hardy Housh, who identifies as a gay male, is suing the home improvement store for $100,000, alleging that the chain decided to trim payroll by firing gay male employees. Housh is claiming that he was wrongfully terminated and that management began filing fake write-ups against him as well as harassing him in an attempt to force him out of the company.

Housh claims that in an attempt to meet a quota for reducing its workforce, Home Depot targeted older and gay male workers to cut costs for higher salaries and insurance. Housh was 57 years old and had been with the company 25 years when he was fired from his assistant manager position from the Lemon Grove, California Home Depot in February 2012. According to the lawsuit, Housh was subject to three fake write-ups in 2011. In 2012, he was subjected to another false write-up and fired without an opportunity to defend himself.

Housh claims his district manager made improper sexual gestures at him as well as encouraging the false write-ups. He also claims in the lawsuit that a female manager emailed him sexually explicit photos in an attempt to get him into trouble. Housh says the discrimination and harassment began in October 2011, right after he registered his domestic partner to Home Depot’s insurance plan.

Sexual harassment is considered illegal under California law, whether it is towards a man or woman, gays or lesbians. All workers have a right to be comfortable in their workplace, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regards sexual harassment as a form of sexual discrimination.

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Did You Know: In 2011, 11,364 sexual harassment charges were filed in the U.S.

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