How Many Minimum Wage Laws Are There?

In California, you are required to be paid a legal minimum wage. However, in some cases, workers are entitled to even greater wages than minimum wage due to local ordinances. Photo of earnings statement

Did you know that the city of Los Angeles has a Living Wage Ordinance? Under this ordinance, certain workers employed by companies operating under license agreements with the city are owed at least $11.03 per hour if they receive medical benefits and $12.28 an hour if they do not receive medical benefits.

In addition to these wages, the workers may be entitled to at least 12 paid days off per year. You should keep this in mind if your employer does business with the city.

If you think your wages are not correct, you should speak to an attorney about your situation.

Lawsuit Filed by Port of Los Angeles Workers

According to, a lawsuit has been filed by workers at the Port of Los Angeles against California Cartage and SSI Staffing in Los Angeles County Superior Court over claims that California Cartage leases land from the city, and is subject to Los Angeles’ Living Wage Ordinance.

The plaintiffs’ claim that they are not making the legal wages required by the ordinance. SSI Staffing is reportedly a subcontractor, providing laborers working for California Cartage. The lawsuit could involve nearly 500 workers. Some of the workers claimed that they are only paid between $9.00 and $10.20 per hour, and receive no health insurance benefits.

Filing a Wage Claim

As this case shows, wage claims can be complex. If you feel like you are not being paid a legally required amount of money, make sure you speak to a labor attorney. A positive thing about wage theft lawsuits is that you can recover past due wages, in addition to other forms compensation.

For further information about wage and overtime disputes, speak to our employment attorneys.

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