Microsoft Accused of Gender Discrimination

According to, Microsoft has been accused of gender discrimination in a lawsuit filed by a former security technician. Photo of harassment

The lawsuit was filed against the tech giant on September 16, 2015 in federal court in Seattle, where the company is headquartered. It seeks class action status. The lawsuit claims that supervisors told the employee involved in the lawsuit that Microsoft did not “like her style”.

It also claims that Microsoft has a “continuing policy, pattern and practice of sex discrimination against female employees in technical and engineering roles with respect to performance evaluations, pay, promotions, and other terms and conditions of employment.”

According to the lawsuit, Microsoft gives employee rankings based on performance evaluations; however, female employees routinely received lower rankings based on subjective items. The woman who filed the lawsuit claims that she received lower evaluations after she reported an instance of sexual harassment.

The lawsuit claims that of Microsoft’s 120,000 employees, 72 percent are men. Additionally, of the total supervisory and technical workers employed by Microsoft, 83 percent are men.

The woman who filed the lawsuit was employed at Microsoft from 2007 to 2014. She is asking the court that any female tech worker employed by the company over the last six years be able to join the lawsuit.

Gender Discrimination at Work is Illegal

Unfortunately, there have been many claims of gender discrimination making the news lately involving the tech sector. If you experience issues with gender discrimination and/or harassment at work, you may have certain legal rights. However, to move forward, you need to first report your claims to your employer’s human resources department.

If you fear retaliation or nothing has been done to help your situation, speak to our Los Angeles labor attorneys. You can call us at 310-273-3180 to share your story. By contacting our office, we may be able to discuss with you how to best move forward with a claim.

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