Mill Valley Company Settles Teen Tour Leaders Wage Lawsuit

A Mill Valley company has settled a wage lawsuit with two teen “trip leaders” for $500,000. Adventures Rolling Cross County hosts groups of teenagers on trips around the U.S. for hiking, rock climbing and other activities. The two teens who filed the lawsuit in 2012 claimed that they were only paid around $3 an hour, with free food and housing, while the trips were more than $5,000 for participating teens. The $500,000 settlement covers around 350 employees of the company, and was approved on January 23 by a U.S. District judge in San Francisco.

Adventures Rolling Cross County claims its business is an “organized camp,” meaning it would be exempted from minimum wage laws, both at the federal and state level. However, the ruling judge in the settlement disagreed with this claim, because the exemption only applies to organizations that use their own campgrounds, while the company used other campsites.

The minimum wage in California is $8 an hour, and will increase to $9 an hour in July of this year. According to the Adventures Rolling Cross County president, the company has changed its wage policies to comply with state minimum wage laws.

Employers in California are prohibited from docking your wages below minimum wage. If you have not been paid for all the hours you have worked, or your employer is withholding overtime wages, then you may be entitled to damages. Wage and overtime claims can be complicated and difficult to prove, so it is important to have an experienced wage dispute attorney by your side.

Who Do I Talk To If I Think My Employer is Withholding Wages?

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Did You Know: In general, employees cannot refuse to work overtime unless there is a valid reason, such as an illness.  

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