Minnesota Police Officer Files Age Discrimination Suit

A police officer in Minnesota has filed an age discrimination lawsuit against the Eveleth Police Department after he was passed over for a promotion, according to the Duluth News Tribube. Lt. LeRoy Hilde claims an officer chosen for a police chief position was selected over him simply because of his age. Hilde, 52, is a 29-year veteran of the police force.

Hilde was hired in 1983 as a patrol officer, promoted to sergeant in 1990 and lieutenant in 1998. Hilde occasionally served as an acting police chief as well. He has 22 years experience as a supervisor. The Eveleth Police Department employs 10 police officers and one staff member. Hilde was the oldest candidate for the position—the second oldest candidate was 46.

The Eveleth Police Commission chose to hire Tim Koivunen, a candidate 8 to 9 years younger than Hilde. The commission stated the wanted a candidate who “will be here for the long term.”

Hilde has a valid complaint, it seems the commission made a decision based on age rather than credentials. Hilde is seeking $75,000 for loss of income, earning potential and damages.

“We strongly believe in Lt. Hilde’s claims and intend to vigorously pursue this case through trial,” says John Klassen, the attorney representing Hilde. Please visit our site for more information and contact our firm for a free consultation.

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