Mobile App Aims To Help Victims Of Sexual Harassment

According to CNN, a new technology called Hollaback! is changing the way victims and witnesses react to sexual harassment. The mobile application and website is available to victims of quid pro quo sexual harassment to report incidents, and will now allow bystanders to also report cases of sexual harassment.

The new network will be called “I’ve Got Your Back” with plans to launch Android and iPhone apps, as well as an online map that aggregates reports from people who witness sexual harassment. The co-founder, Emily May, says that the idea came from a blog run by a group of friends who all came into contact with sexual harassment behavior that made them feel victimized, and that reporting such behavior did not seem to help.

The application launched in November and now has blogs in 24 cities around the world where users can report sexual harassment and share pictures of such behavior. The website is not aimed to prosecute offenders of fear mongering. The co-founder of the mobile app says it is an empowerment tool for victims of sexual harassment and lawmakers unaware of harassment in their communities. The mobile app can be used to report sexual harassment behavior on the streets as well as in the workplace.

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