Morgan Stanley Sued Over Wrongful Termination of Former Advisor

A former advisor for Morgan Stanley in Bakersfield is suing the firm for wrongful termination, claiming he was fired solely because he won an elected seat on his county’s board. The plaintiff alleges that Morgan Stanley forced him out of his position in January of this year after he was elected to the Kern County Board of Supervisors, even though the firm agreed to his “outside political activities.”

According to the lawsuit, the former advisor claims he was given an ultimatum by his supervisors six months after winning his elected seat in June 2012 to either “resign his elected post or leave the firm.” The plaintiff was then terminated in January 2013. The lawsuit claims that the plaintiff informed Morgan Stanley of his intent to seek reelection in 2007 when he was hired, and that the firm agreed, “subject to some conditions.”

Morgan Stanley was also sued in December 2013 by a former advisor that claimed he was fired in May 2012 because he ran for a seat on the Illinois assembly. The plaintiff in that case was awarded $525,000 in damages. Morgan Stanley claimed in the case that the former employee did not have “prior approval for his candidacy,” which the firm requires.

For an employer to have illegally terminated an employee, they must have violated a specific state or federal law, regulation or constitutional provision. In many states, most employment is considered “at will,” which means you, as an employee, may quit your position at any time and your employer may terminate you whenever they want. However, many states also require “good cause” for firing an employee.

How Do I Know if I Was Wrongfully Terminated?

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