Nanny Sues Tech Executives for Sexual Harassment, Wage Claims

Think Progress reported recently that a domestic worker from the Philippines has filed a labor lawsuit against two executives at Uber and Airbnb, alleging that they failed to pay her a minimum wage and promoted sexual harassment. Photo of courthouse

According to the news source, the woman worked as a live-in nanny with Cameron Poetzscher and Varsha Rao. Poetzscher is the head of corporate development at Uber and Rao is the head of global operations for Airbnb. The woman claims in her lawsuit that she was the nanny of the couple’s children for two years.

The lawsuit, which was filed in San Francisco Superior Court, claims that the woman was paid a flat rate of $450 per week no matter how long she actually worked. It claims that the woman regularly worked nine-hour days, six days a week, without being paid overtime.

“For many years, I helped raise their children, cooked for them, did their laundry, cleaned their house and was at their beck and call,” the woman claimed, according to Think Progress.

In addition to wage claims, the lawsuit says the woman faced sexual harassment on the job, claiming Poetzscher regularly appeared nude around the house and made sexual advances against her, including unwanted touching.

The lawsuit claims that Poetzscher and Rao violated the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Sadly, Think Progress reports that there are more than 52,000 domestic workers in the Bay Area, with a recent study suggesting that “90 percent with formal contracts have no overtime provisions, while a quarter are paid below minimum wage.”

Are You Owed Overtime? Are You Experiencing Sexual Harassment at Work?

The report by Think Progress provides some disturbing claims when it comes to domestic worker conditions in California. All workers deserve to be paid fair and legal wages, including nannies and domestic employees.

There are federal and state employment laws that exist regarding wage claims, which cannot be circumvented by employers. If you are a domestic worker or nanny, and you believe you are being mistreated (through instances of sexual harassment or discrimination) or paid illegally, speak to our Los Angeles labor lawyers. You may be able to file a lawsuit, seeking back pay and damages.

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