New Mexico Employee Wins Discrimination Settlement

An employee of Albuquerque’s Water Utility Authority was awarded a payout of $280,000 for a religious discrimination lawsuit he filed as a result of the behavior of his supervisor, John Stomp. Employee James Chavez claims he was constantly pressured to attend church and religious activities while he was at work. When Chavez respectfully declined the religious advances, he claims it became difficult for him to receive promotions or raises.

Chavez has worked for the company for 12 years and initially filed the lawsuit in 2005. It was settled in August 2012.

“He thought it was acceptable for him to impose his religious views on me,” says Chavez. “He offered me a Bible that he inscribed, gave me frequent admonishments why I should accept god into my life. He chastised me.”

The settlement comes directly from taxpayer dollars because of the actions of one supervisor. Please visit our website for more information on religious discrimination, and contact our firm for a free consultation.

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