New Video Game Helps Employers Teach Employees How to Handle Sexual Harassment

Photo of a man yelling at a womanWe’ve all seen the cheesy sexual harassment videos, mocked on more than one TV show and movie, when starting a new job. Employers have long relied on poorly acted videos and boring PowerPoints to talk to their employees about sexual harassment. A new video game designed by a company called Will Interactive hopes to change all of that. The next time you start a new job, you may be playing a game like the Sims to start out.

Will Interactive is a video game developing company that seeks to make an impact on many of the issues weighing society down. They are most famous for developing a video game to help soldiers address the problem of suicidal behavior in the military. The video game allowed soldiers to play the role of a friend who had been confronted with suicidal behavior in a fellow soldier. The game takes the player through many options and allows them to explore what they can do in that situation. It is now widely used in the military, with reports of nearly a 60 percent drop in suicide rates in the nine months following its implementation.

Will’s sexual harassment video game simulator works in a similar fashion. It allows employees to play the role of someone who has witnessed sexual harassment against a coworker and lets them live out several different decisions. The goal, according to the company’s CEO, is to allow employees to think about what they would do in a scenario before they are faced with it in real life.

Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Will Interactive’s video game is a good start, but it cannot address all of the issues or remedy sexual harassment after it occurs. If you have been sexually harassed and work in a hostile work environment, there are many ways you can handle it, including litigation. To learn more, try speaking with a qualified California sexual harassment attorney. You can find out more about our firm via Facebook, Twitter, and our blog.

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