What Is the Minimum Wage in California?

The California minimum wage law includes a minimum pay of $8.00 per hour. There are very specific wage laws governing what employers in the state must pay. These include:

  • Overtime pay after eight hours of work per day, or after 40 hours per week
  • A worker putting in a seventh day of the week must be paid time and a half for the first eight hours on the seventh day
  • A worker putting in a seventh day of the week must be paid double time after eight hours on the seventh day

There is an exemption to the rule requiring overtime pay after a worker works eight hours in a given day. A worker who is assigned a four day/10 hour work week is not obligated to receive the eight hour overtime payment. In California, this rule holds true only if the company established its four day work week prior to July 1, 1999.

In addition, a worker putting in a seventh day during a single work week is not obligated to receive overtime pay if his total weekly hours is 30 or under and if his total daily hours never exceeds six.

Avoiding Lawsuits

Businesses in California wishing to avoid labor and employment lawsuits can take several steps with a qualified Los Angeles employment attorney:

  • Check the classification of employees
  • Check how overtime rules are applied
  • Keep accurate time sheets
  • Pay for travel or preparation time
  • Check compensation time usage
  • Check commission payments

No matter what size a business is, it can be susceptible to labor and employment lawsuits. Simply changing a worker’s classification from an employee to an independent contractor can change many rules regarding how a worker is governed. Referring to a worker as non-exempt versus exempt is another common way a business can help its legal labor cause.

Los Angeles Employment Lawyer

An experienced Los Angeles employment lawyer works on behalf of the small business to avoid costly lawsuits. A qualified Los Angeles employment attorney looks at how workers are classified and how a business is set up to put the business in the best possible position to live a long and successful employment life. For many businesses, the price of hiring a qualified labor and employment attorney is a small price to pay for piece of mind that the business owner is set up properly.

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