Is It Discrimination When Your Employer Pays Someone Else More Than You?

President Obama announced the signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that allows individuals who become victims of pay discrimination to sue their employers easier. The new act is named after a former Goodyear Tire and Rubber employee who had a lawsuit for pay discrimination. The former employee claimed she was paid less than her colleagues on the grounds of being ranked lower than others are. Even though she lost the case in a Supreme Court ruling, the former Goodyear employee is still able to utilize the new act to gain a favorable outcome.

Definition Of Equal Pay

Under the Equal Pay Act, employers must pay workers at the same rate. However, a Los Angeles discrimination attorney will tell you that the act does not require the employees to receive equal compensation. For instance, if two people have a sales job and one receives more money because they sold more units, then it is not a violation. Benefits offered by the place of business are included in the act. This can include bonuses, expense accounts and profit-sharing plans. It is advisable to contact a qualified Los Angeles employment attorney who can investigate to see if you are a victim of equal pay discrimination.

Equal Pay Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace can be a stressful experience. A Los Angeles discrimination lawyer can discuss with you the labor laws that prohibit a place of business to discriminate against employees on the grounds of sex in the payment of wages. In other words, male and female employees, who work in the same job classifications and perform the same kinds of duty, must be entitled to equal pay. A knowledgeable Los Angeles discrimination attorney can fully explain the California Equal Pay law in detail. Failure to upkeep this law can result in a place of business compensating the employee with due and lost wages plus interest. To start a lawsuit for equal pay discrimination, an individual must show that:

  • The two people in question are male and female who
  • Perform the same duties and
  • Are receiving unequal pay

In certain situations, it is discrimination when you make a salary that is lower than that of a male colleague. It is advisable to consult with a qualified Los Angeles employment attorney who will fight for your rights to be restored.

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