Making Sure Your California Farm Follows All Labor Laws

A 17-year-old girl from Mexico was working in the fields in a farm east of Stockton when temperatures rose to record numbers. It was 95 degrees Fahrenheit and water was not anywhere in site. The nearest cooler was as far as a ten-minute walk from her station where she was tying grape vines. Breaks were limited and a supervisor would not allow breaks long enough for the 17-year-old girl to go to get a drink.

She worked diligently until her body could not take it anymore and she collapsed from heat exhaustion. By the time she reached the hospital, her body was at 108 degrees Fahrenheit and she was in a coma. Two days later, the girl died, and the medical personnel discovered that she was pregnant with her fiancé’s child.

The company who owned the farm was accused of delaying treatment. Even though stringent heat and labor laws have been passed in the State of California, farm workers are still dying in the field. And many companies are still found to be in violation of the law.

Heat Laws In California

California statute mandates that companies that keep farms have to provide their workers with enough water, shade and rest breaks for the duration of the job. These laws need to be followed in case something happens to a worker and they or their families decide to seek compensation. A Los Angeles labor attorney can help determine whether your farm is following all the necessary precautions required to avoid future litigation. A Los Angeles labor lawyer can also make sure that your farm is following all other labor statutes in accordance with the law.

Benefits Of Following Labor Laws For Farm Companies In California

While California has some of the most stringent labor laws, there are not enough state inspectors to keep up with all the inspections that are necessary in order to make sure that all employees are protected. However, when a company is found to be in violation of a labor law, the fines and sanctions can be hefty. A Los Angeles employment attorney can make sure that your farm is not caught with any violations that will end up costing your business a part of the profits made from your business. Let Los Angeles employment attorneys make sure that you are abiding by the law so you can focus on the other important facets of your business.