Protecting Yourself With Seasonal California Workers

There is an amendment proposed to the Affordable Health Choices Act to exclude growers from having to provide mandatory health insurance for seasonal farm workers. In its most basic form, the amendment would not hold seasonal or temporary agricultural workers as “employees” when it came time to determine the size of an employer. If these workers were not considered “employees,” many agricultural employers would be exempted from mandatory health insurance regulations.

In the United States, about 10 percent of agricultural fieldworkers are covered by an employer’s health insurance. In order to raise this number, lawmakers are thinking of giving tax incentives in order for people to be able to pay for insurance.

In their position on the issue, the Farm Bureau said that health care is the responsibility of the individuals. As they were speaking to lawmakers, the Farm Bureau made it clear that they oppose compulsory national health insurance and anything other than tax incentives and market reforms that will help to increase health care coverage.

  • Form I-9: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services eligibility for employment forms should be completed properly, and you should hold on to these for the entire statutory period. Make sure to review the supporting documents carefully to make sure that you are in compliance with the law. If you have any questions as to whether the documents are in compliance, contact a Los Angeles labor attorney to help you go through all the legalities.
  • Duration of employment: Make sure that if the worker is seasonal, that they understand that they are seasonal and not year-round workers. This will relieve a lot of confusion later on in the employment process.
  • Policies: Make sure to prepare a different version of employee policies for seasonal workers. These may include harassment and confidentiality policies. Contact a Los Angeles labor lawyer to help you draft these policies and make sure that your business is protected from potential liability.
  • Benefits: Benefits for seasonal employees will probably be different than the benefits for regular staff, and this fact needs to be in writing in order to avoid future complaints and confusion. A Los Angeles employment lawyer can help make sure that the language used in the different benefits set out for seasonal workers matches your intentions with the benefits that you plan to give to seasonal workers.