Types Of Harassment That Can Occur At Work

Workplace harassment is verbal or physical behavior that is hostile, intimidating or offensive to another employee or co-worker. Every employee in California and the nation has the right to work in a non-hostile environment, and under Federal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) law, workplace harassment is illegal. If your job performance suffers or you fear going to work because of offensive or intimidating behavior, a Los Angeles harassment lawyer can evaluate your case and help you with your options.

Types Of Harassment Discrimination

Hostile work environments usually result from discriminatory harassment based on your personal characteristics or actions such as:

Intimidating or hostile behavior can take various forms. Many employees resist reporting harassment for fear of termination or demotion. The fear of retaliation is another form of harassment, and is also illegal under California law and is not a reason to allow a hostile work environment to continue.

Examples Of Workplace Harassment

No occupation is safe from workplace harassment. Supervisors, managers, co-workers and customers can all be responsible for unwelcome verbal or physical actions including:

  • Negative or disparaging physical or mental characteristic comments about an employee
  • Attempts to convert an employee to a different religious or political belief
  • Racist slang, nicknames or phrases
  • Offensive or vulgar gestures or sounds
  • Displaying offensive artwork, posters, calendars, cartoons or other materials
  • Sharing inappropriate or offensive images, e-mails, letters or notes
  • Wearing offensive clothing
  • Inappropriate touching, physical contact or sexual advances
  • Innuendos or veiled threats
  • Obscene, insulting or offensive jokes and stories

If you love your job, a bully should not cause you to leave your position. An experienced Los Angeles harassment attorney can help you to deal with a hostile work environment and protect your employee rights.