What To Do When You’re A Victim Of Pregnancy Discrimination In California

A woman, who worked for the Los Angeles chapter of the United Cerebral Palsy, filed a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit with the organization. In her claim, she accused the organization because her supervisor fired her because she did not like pregnant women. In fact, she claimed her supervisor fired other women in the past because they were pregnant.
In the events preceding the filing of the lawsuit, four women also expressed their stories about being fired by the same supervisor because of the same pregnancy issue. Other women signed affidavits that stated how they knew of employees who were fired for becoming pregnant. They also stated how they attended meetings where the topic of firing pregnant women was discussed. The court determined that the woman was indeed a victim of pregnancy discrimination.

What To Do When Pregnancy Discrimination Happens At Work

Employers have specific laws that mandate the actions they can do when there are pregnant women employed. You should consult a qualified Los Angeles discrimination lawyer to get more information concerning pregnancy and work. Subsequently, there are many steps a pregnant woman can fight discrimination in the workplace. Below you will find out what to do when pregnancy discrimination happens at work:

1. Keep an Accurate Description of Events – Record the date, time, and location of where the incident took place. Make sure to include what comments were made and the names of all who were a part of the incident.
2. Keep your Composure – Even though times can be frustrating and stressful after the incident, try to remain calm and relaxed. Family members and friends are great for support.
3. Schedule an Appointment – If the business has a Human Resource department, consider requesting for a private meeting. At a minimum, file a complaint with the accused employee boss. This is also a good time to review the employees handbook.
4. Do Research and Gather Documents – Talk with other women who may have experienced the same actions after becoming pregnant. Make sure to write down the details of their recounts. Keep a copy of job evaluations, reviews, progress reports, etc.

After following these steps, it is important that you contact an experienced Los Angeles discrimination attorney to get your case reviewed.

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