No Softer Side to Harassment for Former Sears Employee

A Sacramento Superior Court jury awarded a former Sears Home Improvement Products employee $5.2 million in damages after enduring humiliating racial slurs, physical abuse and harassment by a co-worker who received no reprimand for his actions, the Sacramento Bee reported on October 26, 2011. The incidents reportedly began in 2008 when 49-year-old Medro Johnson attended a company barbeque with his family. Co-worker Paul St. Hilaire walked up to Johnson’s family at the event and told his wife and children, “Medro calls me ‘masta.”

According to the Bee, not only was there no action taken after Johnson complained to supervisors about the comment, but he was also told that he would be fired if he brought the complaint to the attention of human resources. The final encounter between the two came in December 2008 when St. Hilaire repeatedly “bashed” Johnson with his shoulder during breaks in a company training session, also calling him the “N” word and knocking hot coffee down the front of his shirts. Johnson struck St. Hilaire with the back of his hand in retaliation and was fired two days later. Johnson’s attorney told the Bee that “the evidence showed the company did not want to take action against St. Hilaire, one of its top sales producers nationally.”

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