North Carolina Man Sues Caldwell County Schools for Wrongful Termination

A man has filed a lawsuit against the Caldwell County Board of Education and superintendent Steve Stone for wrongful termination after he was removed as a substitute last year. The plaintiff, Richard Garrison, had worked for the school district for almost five years and, upon being terminated, was refused an appeal hearing, and was not allowed to view his personnel file.

Caldwell County Schools allege that they received three complaints as of February 2012 from three separate schools, prompting them to fire Garrison. Garrison alleges that he was never made aware of these complaints until he was fired, giving him no time to correct whatever claims the complaints made.

Garrison contacted Stone prior to the lawsuit, asking to be reinstated as a substitute and for compensation for lost wages. Stone replied saying there was nothing he could do.

In most states, employer must show “good cause” for terminating an employee; otherwise, it could be considered wrongful termination. If Garrison proves there were no complaints, or the courts allege that the school district mishandled the complaints, he may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, and possibly be reinstated in his position.

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