Oakland Raiders Cheerleader Files Class-Action Wage Lawsuit

A 27-year-old Oakland Raiders cheerleader has filed a class-action lawsuit claiming the football team has broken a long list of state employment laws, including withholding wages and underpaying the Raiderettes. The lawsuit claims that the cheerleaders were not paid minimum wage or overtime, and that they were not allowed meal or rest breaks during eight-hour or more shifts. The Raiderette also claims that the team reserved the right to deduct money from the paychecks of cheerleaders for “minor designated infractions,” including not bringing the correct pom-poms to practice, wearing the wrong work out gear or forgetting to bring a yoga mat to rehearsals.

In total, the plaintiff claims the Raiders cheerleaders earned $125 per game, which is only $1,250 for an entire season. This amounts to less than $5 an hour, according to the plaintiff’s attorneys. The Raiderettes receive one paycheck per season, nine months after practice begins, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit seeks back wages and penalties for the plaintiff, as well as around 100 former and current Raider’s cheerleaders. The plaintiff’s attorney told the Los Angeles Times that her employment contract could only be called “exploitation.”

Wage and overtime disputes often result due to unpaid overtime, pay that is under minimum wage or withheld wages. California wage and overtime laws exist to ensure that employees are given fair and just compensation for the work they perform.

How Do I Know If I Am Being Underpaid?

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