Ohio Community Questions Dismissal of Beloved High School Teacher

The termination of a homosexual teacher from Bishop Watterson High School in Columbus, Ohio, has incited an array of backlash. Cara Hala, a Bishop Watterson physical education teacher for 19 years, was terminated on March 28 after her mother’s obituary printed in a local newspaper listed her as living with a partner named Julie.

Bishop Watterson has not addressed any questions regarding the termination and has referred all inquiries to the Columbus archdiocese—which also refuses to comment.

“I can understand their opinion on homosexuality when it comes to that issue, but we’re seeing a woman reprimanded for this but you don’t see any reprimand when a teacher gets divorced which the Catholic Church is against,” said Watterson alumni Mike Liggett, according to NBC News 4 in Columbus. “She was a woman of great integrity and I only had her for one year at Watterson but was involved with her in other activities, she had the most integrity of the staff that worked there, she treated students justly and fairly.”

If allegations like these concerned a California employer, then the case could be grounds for a sexual orientation discrimination lawsuit. Columbus does have a city ordinance that makes it illegal to deny individuals employment on the basis of sexual orientation. If you or a loved one has experienced anything like this at work, please contact our firm for a free consultation.

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