Ohio Man Awarded Over $500,000 in Age Discrimination Lawsuit

An Ohio man was awarded over $500,000 after filing an age discrimination lawsuit against the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Richard W. Warden worked as an engineer for the department for nearly thirty years and retired in 2006. After retiring, Warden was hired by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for projects reclaiming abandoned coal mines. The contract eventually turned into a full-time position for Warden, which the department posted as a job opening—the exact same position that Warden was already working as. Warden officially applied for the job as it was posted, but the department offered it to an applicant 15 years younger despite Warden’s higher qualifications.

Warden and other applicants were asked to take a test to determine their qualifications and Warden scored the highest of all applicants.

Warden filed an age discrimination lawsuit and the Court of Claims agreed that Warden was the more qualified candidate, seeing as how he had been performing the job duties adequately for three years prior to the job posting. The court awarded Warden $507,656 in back pay and damages.

Warden was fortunate because his application test score provided concrete evince that the department discriminated against him in the hiring process.

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