Ohio Nurse Claims Wrongful Termination After Kidney Transplant Goes Wrong

A nurse at the University of Toledo Medical Center has filed a wrongful termination suit after being fired when another nurse accidentally tossed out a kidney meant for transplant. Melanie Lemay, the former employee who was only months away from retirement when she was terminated, claims she was fired for violating rules and procedures that were nonexistent.

Last year, fellow nurse Judith Moore discarded everything inside of a machine that kept organs cool until transplant, unknowingly tossing out a kidney meant for a patient. The kidney was retrieved but unusable due to contamination. Moore resigned after the incident, Lemay was suspended and then fired due to violating communication policies and “failing to stop Moore from removing items from the operations room before the procedure was concluded.”

These policies did not exist until six days after the incident, according to the suit. She is seeking $25,000 in compensation from the hospital.

Wrongful termination can be difficult to prove without proper evidence. Those who are let go from a job that they depend on to pay bills and take care of family members can suffer greatly when wrongfully terminated. If you have been fired from a job and feel your employer was irresponsible in your termination, contact our labor law attorneys today to discuss your case.

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