Ohio University Professor Resigns Following Sexual Harassment Claims

According to 10 TV Live, in November, an unnamed female student claimed that Regis Noroski, a professor at the Lancaster branch of Ohio University, had sexually harassed her.

The student sent an email to administrators of the school, claiming she was ‘scared for [her] life’ after the professor had given her several gifts.

Mr. Noroski claims that he thought the student in question had winked at him one day during class.

The 61 year old professor gave the student a candle, a lamp and a $600 diamond ring. She also claims that Noroski wished to take her to Florida on a trip.

Further claims state that she became more fearful when the professor had allowed her to use his calculator after she had forgotten her own calculator during an exam. Following the exam, Noroski called her to retrieve his calculator and she ended up at his house.

It was following this visit to his house, where he gave her a tour, that she sent school officials the email, claiming she thought that she would never see her family again.

Officials declared the incident an issue of sexual harassment and gave the professor notice that he was to stay away from both the student and the campus. Within a month, he sent in a letter of resignation stating he was leaving due to a family member being hospitalized.