Older Men Claim Firm Discriminated Against Them In Favor Of Younger Women

The Sacramento office of a private protection firm has been accused of discriminating against older males by favoring younger females for armed security positions in a lawsuit filed by attorneys with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Sacramento Bee reported on September 27, 2011. After the Trinity Protection Services Inc. office discharged four men and three women because of subpar scores on an arms requalification shoot in February 2008, an EEOC release said “the men were told to wait six months before taking the re-qualification test again” while “the women were called approximately a month later and invited to come in and re-qualify.”

According to the Bee, the four men ranged in age from 66 to 73, and the three women were 28, 29 and 50. A person contacted by the Bee at Trinity’s corporate headquarters in Maryland, but did not give his name, “expressed surprise and anger” that one federal agency would sue the company over a procedure controlled by another federal agency, the Federal Protective Service. In the matter cited in the suit, he told the Bee that three women and a man re-qualified and returned to work after six months, but three of the men chose not to take the test again. One of those was also the oldest man, William Clark, who took the complaint to the EEOC. The agency quoted Trinity in a release as bringing the women back early because it was “hurting for employees.”

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