Organization Accuses Exxon Mobil of Hiring Bias Against LGBT Community

An organization has accused Exxon Mobil of workplace discrimination, according to South Florida Gay News. A complaint was filed on May 22 after Freedom to Work, an LGBT organization, sent two “test” resumes to Exxon to probe for any hiring process bias. One of the resumes that had better qualifications and experience identified the applicant as LGBT, while the other did not but had less favorable credentials.

“Exxon responded by treating the better-qualified LGBT applicant far worse than the less qualified non-LGBT applicant,” read a statement from Freedom to Work. “On three occasions, Exxon contacted the non-LGBT and less qualified candidate for an interview, and Exxon even suggested that it would hold open the job for the non-LGBT applicant. The better qualified LGBT candidate was never contacted by Exxon about the position.”

The Human Rights Campaign issued its all-time lowest rating to Exxon Mobil earlier this year. The agency rates most Fortune 500 companies a score between 80 and 100. Exxon Mobil received a rating of negative 25.

This latest story does little to show that Exxon Mobil is making a serious attempt to correct its culture of discrimination. Please contact our firm for a free consultation if you have experienced any form of discrimination in the workplace.

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