Parole Agent Sues State Agency For Race Discrimination

A candidate for state parole supervisor of a high-risk sex offender unit in Fresno was a specialist in tracking pedophiles, but the promotion went to another candidate who had no training in tracking sex offenders. The Fresno Bee reported on August 27, 2011, that jury selection was complete and a trial will resume to determine if state parole agent Philip Andrew Mounts was a victim of race discrimination.

Mounts sued the California Department of Corrections after Ronnie Sims was promoted instead. Mounts was one of the top three candidates that the supervisor job in Fresno was whittled down to, with Sims and Fresno parole agent John Hagler being the others. Both Mounts and Hagler are white, but Sims is black.

The Bee reported that Mounts’ attorney, Monrae English, asserted that Rick Burrows, the head administrator of adult parole for the region, promoted Sims on the advice of Judy Harris, who is black and was second-in-command at the time. Connie Broussard, a deputy attorney general, told the Bee that Burrows, who is white, had the final authority to hire Sims.

Broussard also told the Bee that Mounts is angry because “a black man was promoted above him.” She also noted Mounts was promoted to a position higher than Sims after he sued the state agency.

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