Are Personal Assistants or Nannies Entitled to Minimum Wage?

Are you a nanny or personal assistant? With all of the wealth in certain parts of Los Angeles, it is not uncommon for people to utilize the services of personal assistants or nannies for support. If you are in one of these positions, make sure you are being paid legally. Photo of earnings statement

If your employer is paying you less than the minimum wage set by California labor laws, he or she may owe you back wages. Remember, even if you are a salaried employee, your wages should add up to more than the minimum wage set by state laws.

Interestingly, Beverly Hills Patch reported that Brooke Mueller, the ex-wife of actor Charlie Sheen, is involved in a lawsuit filed by a former personal assistant who claims that he was forced to work up to 130 hours per week.

According to the news source, Lior Masaphor is seeking compensation for allegedly unpaid overtime, as well as missed meal and rest periods. He alleges that Mueller employed him seven days a week during most of his employment at a salary of $2,400 per month, which averaged out to about $4.47 per hour because of the amount of time he was required to work each week.

Beverly Hills Patch reports that Mueller lives in a gated community and that a process server has been unable to present her with a copy of the lawsuit and that her attorney has refused to accept service on her behalf.

What Should I Do If I Am Owed Back Wages?

Remember, if your employer owes you back wages, contact our labor attorneys today. If you are in a situation like this personal assistant, you should seek legal guidance. There are federal and state employment laws that exist regarding wage claims, which cannot be circumvented by an employer through a forced arbitration or salary agreements.

You must hold your employer accountable if it has wronged you by not paying you a legal wage. Speak to our labor attorneys about your situation.

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