Poll: 89 Percent of Fast Food Workers Have Experienced Wage Theft

According to a poll done by Heart Research Associates, most fast food workers describe their working conditions as fair or poor, and have faced issues with wage and overtime theft from employers.

The poll was conducted via an online survey of 1,088 people who worked in fast food restaurants in the nation’s top 10 metro areas.

According to the poll, nearly nine out of 10 (89 percent) of fast food workers reported that they have been the victim of wage theft at their job and most have experienced multiple forms of wage theft. The type of theft experienced by the workers included forced work off the clock and unpaid overtime. As a result, many of the workers felt like they were “cheated when receiving a paycheck.”

In addition to the wage theft claims, the poll also found that:

  • 60 percent of workers had been required to perform tasks before clocking in or clocking out
  • 46 percent had not been paid for all hours worked or tasks that they performed
  • 43 percent were denied breaks during long shifts

How Do I Prove Wage Theft From My Employer?

If accurate, these polling results are damning. Many employees endure unacceptable employer treatment because they are unaware that their situation is out of the ordinary. Employers are prohibited from docking your wages below federal and state minimum wage guidelines. If you have not been paid for all the hours you have worked, or your employer is withholding overtime wages, you can sue for damages.

Wage and overtime claims can be resolved through the court. Currently, there are several wage and overtime class action lawsuits ongoing across the country against fast food chains like McDonalds.

If you suspect that your workplace rights are being violated or your wages are being withheld illegally, schedule a consultation with our Los Angeles employment attorneys today to discuss your case, or share your story with us on our Facebook page.

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