What is Pregnancy Discrimination?

Did you know that pregnancy discrimination is illegal under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA)? The PDA mandates that pregnant women be treated the same way as other employees at the workplace. A company that fails to do this could open itself up to lawsuits and possible damages. Photo of employee handbook

You may be hearing this term more often in the news lately, as the Supreme Court has taken up a major case that weighs how much protection pregnant workers have through the PDA when they ask for accommodations concerning their duties.

The case involves a former driver for United Parcel Service (UPS), who claimed that the company violated federal laws when it did not allow her to change her duties after a doctor suggested it.

Additionally, pregnancy discrimination claims are receiving attention in Los Angeles, as a California appeals court recently decided to allow a jury to hear the case of Brandi Cochran, a former model on The Price Is Right, who claims that she experienced discrimination after she became pregnant.

Cochran filed a lawsuit in 2010 claiming that she was relieved of her duties after she was ready to return to work following her pregnancy. A jury eventually awarded her a $7.7 million in 2012; however, a trial judge wiped out the verdict, claiming that the jury in the case received poor instructions and granted a new trial.

Recently, a California appeals court justice affirmed the motion of the trial court judge to grant Cochran the new trial.

What Should I Do If I Experience Pregnancy Discrimination at Work?

Remember, pregnancy discrimination is illegal. If you experience issues at work because you decided to have a child, you should contact our employment attorneys.

Recently, a woman in California won a $185 million verdict in a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. You must hold your employer accountable if it has wronged you.

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