Report Indicates Widespread Pregnancy Discrimination In United States

The National Women’s Law Center and A Better Balance released a disturbing new report that indicates pregnant women are routinely subject to discrimination in the work place, according to CBS News. The report highlights the fact that employers often do not make reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers.

“If you’re a cashier and on your feet eight or ten hours a day, you might need an accommodation,” said Emily Martin, vice president and an attorney for the National Women’s Law Center. “But there is often a culture that is hostile to employee flexibility.”

The report cited instances of a pregnant woman being denied water breaks and eventually being terminated from her job at a fast food restaurant in Washington D.C. and a truck driver in Maryland being terminated and losing her insurance because she was a “liability” while pregnant. There were an array of similar instances of documented pregnancy discrimination.

“This is an issue that’s not going away, an issue whose time has come,” Martin continued. “This is a generation of women who aren’t going to stand for that.”

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