How Do I Report Instances of Sexual Harassment?

If you experience sexual harassment at work, you need to report it to your human resources department and speak to our labor attorneys. Sexual harassment

Remember, it is illegal for an employer to base employment on unwelcome sexual advances, sexual favors and/or other physical and verbal sexual contact. Additionally, it is illegal for a company to allow for a hostile work environment that promotes a sexually charged atmosphere.

Recently, tech startup Zillow was slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit after an employee said females were “ranked by breast size and subject to numerous creepy advances.”

According to the lawsuit, Rachel Kremer, who was an inside sales consultant at Zillow in 2012, working in Orange County, claimed she was “tormented by numerous unwanted advances from her supervisors and then unjustly fired under the pretense of failing to meet her sales goals for two months.” reported that Kramer believes she was fired because she turned down a supervisor’s sexual advances. She said that she was not given a warning about her sales numbers, while other employees were not fired even though they had similar sales numbers.

The lawsuit described the office culture at Zillow as an “adult frat house,” according to

What Should I Do If I Am Sexually Harassed at Work?

As this case allegedly shows, quid pro quo is an illegal form of sexual harassment that occurs when a supervisor asks you to perform sexual acts or is acting suggestive towards you in connection to your employment status.

Do not let this happen to you. Make sure that you document and report any uncomfortable advances or offers another employee makes. Additionally, you can speak to our attorneys about the harassment and allow us to investigate your case.

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